In our latest national Omnibus survey, Americans hold negative views of current economic conditions: just 24 percent rate the economy as either excellent or good, while over three-quarters (76 percent) say the economy is either only fair or poor. Though majorities across party lines rate the economy poorly (see Table 1), independents and Republicans are especially pessimistic: 86 percent of independents and 88 percent of Republicans say the economy is either poor or only fair, and half of Republicans say the economy is poor.

Among Democrats, there is a meaningful split on race and economic assessment. A majority of white Democrats are positive about the economy, saying it is either excellent or good (see Table 2). But people of color are much more likely to be down on the economy, with roughly three-quarters of African-Americans and Hispanics rating the economy either only fair or poor. Nearly two-thirds of Asian voters say the same.

Democrats also split their economic views by age: Democratic voters under age 50 are more negative on the economy, with 70 percent rating it only fair or poor (see Table 3). Democratic voters age 50 and older are overall positive towards the economy, with 57 percent rating it either excellent or good.


American Strategies designed and administered this survey using panel respondents provided by a third-party vendor. Respondents were randomly selected for participation and screened for voter registration status. Responses were collected between November 14th and November 27th, 2023. One-thousand nineteen responses were collected, yielding a margin of error of three percent. Sub-groups will yield a larger margin of error.