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American Strategies is a national opinion research and political advisory firm specializing in development, housing, and economic issues.

We help our clients support the policies and candidates that enable greater economic opportunities and more affordable communities.




Our work covers elections, ballot initiatives, and legislative packages that make the American Dream more easily attainable.

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what we do

Multi-Modal Polling

Our team of researchers and strategists will handle your poll from start to finish. We use professional interviewers over the phone, and graphic designers craft our invitations for online responses.

Campaign and Marketing Strategy

Together with our partners, we offer one of the most comprehensive suites for organizations that value effective messaging. We offer message testing, market analysis, and a full design and delivery team to implement every facet of your campaign.

Omnibus Survey

Join other organizations and have your questions answered by a national, representative audience. Our Omnibus poll tracks the opinions of Americans on a monthly basis, with key questions focused on the economy, housing, and personal opinion.

Member Surveys

We conduct surveys for some of the largest member-based organizations in the country, which come with our full suite of analytical tools and presentations. We also offer off-the-shelf options for smaller associations.

Predictive Modelling

Get ahead of the competition with our most advanced analytical tool: Our researchers will build customized statistical models to predict individual-level opinion and behavior, appended to our national voter and consumer database. Find your audience and activists before making first contact.

Targets you need


Our in-house data is backed by one of the largest voter and consumer networks,

reaching over 85 percent* of the US adult population by phone, text, and online.


Along with our partners, we offer one of the most

comprehensive advocacy suites in the country. 

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Our Clients

Missouri REALTORS®


Colorado Association of REALTORS®

Maryland Association of REALTORS®

New Jersey REALTORS®

Illinois REALTORS®

Arizona Association of REALTORS®


Washington REALTORS®

New York State Association of REALTORS®

California Association of REALTORS®

Wisconsin REALTORS® Association

Washington Hospitality Association

Minnesota Credit Union Network

International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers

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