American Strategies offers an unparalleled suite of research, analytical, and delivery tools to help you understand your audience and execute your strategy.

Multi-Modal Polling

Our team of researchers and strategists will handle your poll from start to finish. We use professional interviewers over the phone, and graphic designers craft our invitations for online responses.

We offer:

  • National, state, legislative, municipal, and sub-municipal polling across all 50 states and US territories
  • Micro-targeting in smaller jurisdictions
  • Live-caller telephone, SMS-to-online, and mixed-mode methodologies
  • Full demographic weighting
  • Strategic reports and presentations for your team
  • Ongoing support for creative, marketing, and strategic efforts

Campaign and Marketing Strategy

Together with our partners, we offer one of the most comprehensive suites for organizations that value effective messaging. We offer message testing, market analysis, and a full design and delivery team to implement every facet of your campaign.

We will:

  • Incorporate your initial campaign themes into draft messaging
  • Test which messages and themes resonate most with your audience
  • Recommend data-driven communications products that fit your campaign’s goals
  • Provide detailed demographic reporting and media market analysis
  • Together with our partners, execute your media campaign from start to finish

    Omnibus Survey

    Join other organizations and have your questions answered by a national, representative audience. Our Omnibus poll tracks the opinions of Americans on a monthly basis, with key questions focused on the economy, housing, and personal disposition.

    You’ll get:

    • Dedicated space for your questions in a nationwide survey, conducted by professional interviewers and online. 
    • Demographic and thematic data from in-house questions and modelled variables
    • Up to monthly frequency of fielding
    • Time-series tracking of trends
    • Written report and results suite 

      Member Surveys

      We conduct surveys for some of the largest member-based organizations in the country, which come with our full suite of analytical tools and presentations. We also offer off-the-shelf options for smaller associations.


      • The same methodological standards as our public-facing polls, including draft questionnaire
      • For smaller organizations, a library of tried-and-true questions featuring personalized verbiage
      • Distribution by personalized email link (phone and SMS are available)
      • Representative, weighted samples, matched to your membership’s demographic profile
      • Full analytical report and results suite

        Predictive Modelling

        Get ahead of the competition with our most advanced analytical tool: Our researchers will build customized statistical models to predict individual-level opinion and behavior, appended to our national voter and consumer database. Find your audience and activists before making first contact.

        Please contact Bill Simoneau for more details.

            Our Partners

            The TARA Group is a holding company with a diverse portfolio of subsidiaries, which all harness the power of industry-best data, cutting-edge technology, unparalleled expertise, and trusted relationships to help their clients stay at the forefront of public affairs and advocacy.

            REAL Strategies is a data-driven communications, technology and campaign consulting firm that specializes in finding effective and creative solutions for our clients.

            ACCESS is a unique creative agency that builds highly targeted campaigns across direct mail, TV, phone, radio, and digital media to reach audiences where they are.

            STATARA works to help clients leverage state-of-the-art data, analytics, and communication technologies to find new pathways for growth, drive sales, engage audiences, and advertise effectively.

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